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Jim Springer - Tri-PT Studio

Jim Springer

Jim Springer

My name is Jim Springer and I have been giving personal training since 2017. Ever since childhood sport has always been an important part in my life. Unfortunately I had to stop practicing my great passion, football, due to a sustained injury. This setback, however, did introduce me to my new great passion: fitness. I started training fanatically, visiting the gym at least 5 times a week.

From an early age, I already knew that I wanted to work in the sports industry later, so I started taking the HBO sports management course. During my sports management study, I was asked to work as a fitness instructor at a gym in Voorschoten. In addition to my work and my own training experience, I have followed various training courses and workshops, including those for personal trainer, boxing- and HIIT instructor.

After completing my studies, I knew that an office job was not something for me. It is therefore that I focused entirely on personal training. Guiding, coaching and training people that want to get the best out of themselves gives me a lot of satisfaction. The results that each person achieves at his / her level only give me more motivation to support even more people in achieving their goals.

I think it is important that there is room for the necessary humor in between giving up and sweating. I strive for you to walk out the door full of energy, self-confidence and with a good feeling about yourself after every training session.

So if you are looking for a smiling personal trainer with whom you can laugh, cry, suffer and play, then together we would form a TOP team.

Training vision

Personal training is 1 on 1 guidance with the aim of making the client the most fit version of himself. I believe that as a personal trainer I should not only train my clients, but also teach them to understand what they are doing.

As a personal trainer, I find it very important to build a good relationship with my clients in order to get to know and guide them optimally. Thanks to personal attention, a customer can be optimally guided and stimulated to achieve his / her desired goal.

As a trainer, I strive for perfection. First of all, I believe that it is important to acquire the right skills. From the right basic attitude, we can then work together towards progression. By continuing to train consistently and applying the fundamental principles, we can ultimately ensure that the desired results are achieved.

Training and work experience

Present day

  • Personal trainer at Visser Health Coach
  • Personal Trainer at TRI-PT studio
  • Group lesson instructor and fitness instructor at Mylife sports club


  • Group lesson instructor at YOUR LIFE sports club
  • Fitness instructor at YOUR LIFE sports club
  • Sports and game coach at Flitz events
  • Organizing and supervising exercise activities for the elderly and special target groups
  • Various internships within the sports industry (ZZ Leiden Basketball, TOP-sassenheim)

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