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Personal Training is offered on a 1-on-1 basis or in groups (maximum 4 people). This can be done in a variety of locations – from the comfort of your own home, in an outdoor setting, at a swimming pool and of course in the Tri-PT Studio. The studio has a wide variety of personal trainers and options available.

Tri-PT Studio is located next to Voorschoten Station, making it easy to reach by public transport. Parking is free at the parking lot next to studio. From Wassenaar, Leiden, Leidschendam, The Hague and the surrounding area, it is quite easy to reach the studio.

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Personal Training in Voorschoten

Before we get started, we will determine your personal goals, and any restrictions you may be working with (such as injury). Based on your goals and aims, we will draw up a preliminary plan. Measuring your progress together, we will continue developing and tailoring this plan to get you where you want to be.

At the moment we have a team of highly qualified personal trainers ready to help you reach your goals. Each personal trainer has his own specialty. Read more about our personal trainers on Gijs van Brink’s, Jim Springer’s or Paul van Brink’s personal pages.


Prices will be adjusted for inflation each year.

1 on 1 training (50-60 min.)€ 65,-Per session
Duo session (50-60 min.)€ 80,-Per session
1 on max. 4 pers. small group PT (50-60 min.)€ 100,-Per session

In consultation with your Personal Trainer you choose a time for the session.

For all of the above prices applies buy 12 sessions at once get the 13th for free.

Small group training€ 15,- p/pMinimum 4 and maximum 6 persons

The sessions are on a set time.

      • If you are unable to attend, you must cancel at least 24 hours in advance.
      • If canceled less than 24 hours in advance, 100% of the standard hourly rate will be charged.
      • You can cancel your session either by phone (call, text or WhatsApp) or e-mail.

Start achieving your goals!

Would you like to experience how a personal training session at Tri-PT Studio can help you? Request a free PT trial course now! Click on the button to send an email directly or visit the contact page for more information.

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    Tri-PT Studio has the Wattbike to help athletes by technically reaching a higher level with the Wattcycling bike. The Wattbike is adjusted to your heart rate and power during these training sessions. This makes athletes able to improve cycling conditions and pedal techniques.

    What is WattCycling?

    By training at your own level and monitoring your results, a Tri-PT Studio specialist can give you the advice you need to cycle faster, better and more efficiently. The Wattbike is suitable for everyone, from beginners to professional triathletes. Everyone is able to train on their own ability and heart rate.

    The special thing about training with a Wattbike is the amount of data that we can collect and anlyse. Performance is stored and analyzed, allowing the trainer to see where there are areas for improvement. This data is also available to store on your smartphone and to use yourself.

    The Wattbike is the world’s first indoor bike that feels like riding a real bike, provides scientifically accurate training data and when coupled with the free ground-breaking software, becomes an incredible analysis tool for elite athletes and home users alike.

    Launched in 2008, the Wattbike was signed off by the English Institute of Sport as being accurate, and is now endorsed by the UCI World Cycling Centre and England Rugby. The Wattbike has also been fully integrated into the UCI World Cycling Centre’s talent identification programme.

    Start WattCycling?

    Tri-PT Studio makes it possible for everyone to train with a Wattbike. The studio is located in Voorschoten, near the station. This makes Tri-PT Studio also easily accessible from the surrounding area, for example, Wassenaar, Leiden and The Hague.

    Start with Wattcycling? View the different rates below and schedule an appointment with a specialist from Tri-PT Studio right away!


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    Endless pool

    Endless Pool Tri PT Studio

    The endless pool makes it possible to experience swimming in open water, while offering the option to be optimally coached. There are no turning points or curves in the endless pool, which means that you can optimally work on the swimming technique. The pool is wider and longer than the average body height, giving athletes plenty of room to swim.

    How does the endless pool work?

    The endless pool makes it possible to cover long distances in a swimming pool of a few meters long. How? Due to the water stream of the endless pool, it is possible to determine the resistance yourself. This allows the swimming speed to be adjusted to your own preference. The trainer keeps a close eye on the swimmer and more importantly the swimming technique. In this way, it can be determined where the swimmer has to adjust the technique in order to achieve better results.

    Improve your swimming technique

    Our endless pool is used to fine tune the swimming technique of our athletes. The feedback of our skilled coaches combined with video footage helps to  obtain extra insights to improve your strokes.

    Who could use the endless pool?

    Tri-PT Studio has an endless pool especially for those triathletes and swimming enthusiasts who want to fine-tune their technique. While it’s mainly these first two groups who use the endless pool, it’s not only triathletes that benefit from swimming coaching in the endless pool. Swimmers of all levels benefit from this training.


    The training session will always be a 1 on 1 session and will be recorded. After analyzing the video, we will determine what to work on. The swimmer himself has direct feedback from the 2 mirrors placed on the bottom of the pool.



    Curious about how far you can push yourself? Do you want to test where you think your physical boundaries are? Triathlons are the ideal sport for you.

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    Swim analysis (40 min.)€ 90,incl. video images and analysis
    6 x swim analysis€ 425,-incl. 2x video images and analysis
    Swim training (40 min.)€ 80,-incl. video images excl. analysis. Only for athletes that had an analysis before.
    6 x swim training€ 399,-incl. video images excl. analysis. Only for athletes that had an analysis before.
    Duo package (2 athletes)Both € 10,- discountAt least one of the athletes has to be new to the swim analyses.
    • Please cancel 24 hours prior to the session if you’re unable to attend.
    • If you cancel less then 24 hours prior you will be charged for the session.
    • You can cancel your session either by phone (call, text or WhatsApp) or e-mail.

    Endless pool

    Mobility training

    Mobility training is used to increase freedom of movement. You do this by developing flexibility, stability and strength in your joints and muscles.

    Who benefits from mobility training

    Everyone benefits from mobility training. Often specific goals are set that are achieved with the help of mobility training. Examples of this are:

    • Achieving a better stroke when swimming by improving mobility in the trunk and shoulder.
    • A runner that runs smoother by improving mobility in the ankles and hips.
    • In daily life it can help you to compensate for stiffness due to a sedentary job or help with heavy work. Think of being able to lift better from the legs by means of smoother hips and ankles.

    Other specific objectives that people are achieving at Tri-PT studio include:

    • A handball goalkeeper looking for improvement in his mobility in order to improve his performance.
    • Practitioners of handstand and calisthenics training.
    • A mountain climber who has suffered from his achilles and after improvement of ankle and hip mobility was able to continue his hobby with pleasure.

    In short, the possibilities for applying this are endless.

    What does this training look like

    You could see it as a combination of yoga and strength training. In all positions, an increase in the so-called range of motion, ROM for short, is sought. This means the movement result that a specific joint or muscle has. Next, strength and stability are trained in this ROM to become stronger and easier to move in positions specific to the objective.

    Mobility training at Tri-PT Studio

    Curious about the possibilities and benefits that mobility training entails? Then contact Tri-PT Studio directly for more information about mobility training at our studio in Voorschoten.

    Triathlon Coaching

    6 triathlon mistakes to avoid

    In 2007 I completed my first triathlon, and that was it, I was hooked.
    As a passionate triathlete, I have participated in many triathlons since then, and am a certified IRONMAN Coach for people of any level. Whether you want to complete a sprint range, a half or whole ironman, I’m here to coach you for your triathlon.

    With Tri-PT Studio I want to make it possible for triathletes to be able to optimize all aspects of the triathlon under one roof. For example, the studio has a endless pool to perfect swimming techniques. In addition to swimming training, Tri-PT Studio also stands for running and cycling training.


    Personal and Online

    In addition to the personal guidance, I use the Training Peaks Training Registration System, and will create you a personalised training schedule based on your lifestyle. Together, we will monitor your progress and I will guide you, incorporating your personal training goals into the plan too if you wish.


    Curious about how far you can push yourself? Do you want to test where you think your physical boundaries are? Triathlons are the ideal sport for you.
    Request more information here for free. Click the INFO button below to reach the contact form.

    Triathlon coaching rate

    Per 4 weeks€ 80,-
    Per 8 weeks incl. 1 swim analysis p/8wks (20% discount) €190,-
    Per 4 weeks incl. 1 x p/wk small group strength training (11,5% discount)€120,-
    Per 4 weeks incl. 1 x p/wk watt cycling 80 minuts (10% discount)€115,-
    Complete triathlon package 
    1 swim analysis per 4 weeks
    4 x small group training
    4 x WattCycling
    Complete package per 4 weeks€240,-

    Triathlon coaching includes weekly evaluation of the schedule based on your training results. The schedule is shared via your (free) TrainingPeaks account.
    Prices will be adjusted for inflation each year.

    Sport Fasting


    Sports fasting is a great way to give yourself a new boost, to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. It is not a diet. It is a 10-day training method in which the muscles and liver are trained in the consumption of fat instead of sugar (metabolic switch).

    To accomplish this switch, you need to exercise during the fasting process. This will burn more fat and reduce excess fat reserves, especially abdominal fat. Over the 10-day course, men lose an average of 4 to 6 kilograms, while women an average of 2-4. The desire for snacking and sweet treats is also reduced, as this is a body-health program, whereby weight loss is a by-product of the metabolic training.

    What is sport fasting?

    Sport fasting is a particularly good way to improve sporting performance. The muscles are transformed in a way which means they are able to derive far more energy from fat than before. As a result, sugar, which is kept in a far lower stock, is of less concern. Endurance athletes, such as long-distance runners and cyclists, develop a much greater ability to produce energy without draining the tank. High-intensity athletes, such as sprinters, can use it to increase overall conditioning. Recovery time after the injury has also been seen to decrease, caused by like increase of mitochondria in the muscles.

    Sport fasting for you

    During your 10-day programme, use the metabolic switch products to make the switch easier and more effective. Sport fasting, which is known as ‘the most powerful training method for the body to revitalise itself’ is not suitable for everyone. You will first need to develop a basic level of health, perhaps with a sports assistant coach. You cannot undertake sport fasting if you are ill, or using certain medications. You should also be prepared to continue to exercise after the course and to follow simple dietary guidelines.


    Prices will be adjusted for inflation each year.

    10 days€ 275,-3 tapering off days; 3 fasting days; 4 dieet building days. During the course you can do your cardio training daily in the studio. This is also allowed at home if cardio equipment is present. (including the Metabolic Switch sports fasting package and supplements)
    13 Weeks post-trajectory€250,-1 day fasting course (1 x per week)> Skip lunch or dinner and work out intensively for 45min instead. The combination strength / cardio is perfect for this. This is also possible in the studio. (including 45 minutes of sports once a week with a schedule in the studio)
    10 Days and 13 weeks post-trajectory€497,5010 days of sports fasting and 13 weeks of post-trajectory (1 x p / wk 1 day of fasting)

    Sports massage


    The term sports massage might sound as though it’s only for athletes – but this is definitely not the case, as sports massages can be very useful for both athletes and non-athletes.

    We often move far too suddenly, too intensively, or in the wrong way. While this can happen during sports, it can also occur in the workplace, on in your leisure time in the garden for example. This can lead to muscle aches and increased likelihood of injuries if your body is not allowed to recover properly.

    Sports massage gives the body a push to work on its recovery and accelerates the process, but can also be used to prepare the body for exercise, as part of the warmup. The difference between restorative or preparatory massages is all in the pace and the handles the the sports masseuse uses.

    Effects of a sports massage include:

    • Better blood flow
    • Enhanced metabolism
    • Decreased/increased muscle tension
    • Reduced stiffness
    • Reduced pain
    • Elevated mood
    • Improved sleep pattern



    Prices are exclusive VAT.
    Prices will be adjusted for inflation each year.

    30 minutes€ 40,-
    60 minutes€ 65,-
    • 24hrs. or more prior to session: no costs
    • 12 – 24 hrs. prior to session: 50% of agreed hourly rate.
    • Less than 12 hrs. prior to session: 100% of agreed hourly rate.
    • You can cancel your session either by phone (call, text or WhatsApp) or e-mail.