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What clients say about me

You do not only want to improve your fitness or at least maintain it, but this also applies to your movement patterns. In our situation (man and woman both 76 years old) this is the case. As the years go by, the musculoskeletal system becomes more difficult. During my (Els) swimming training at the TTL triathlon club, this came up with Paul our trainer.
I had not been going so well for a while and asked him about his company. He enthusiastically talked about his Personal Training Center in which he even has a swimming pool for triathletes to improve the stroke of learning the crawl stroke. He advised me to go to his Tri-PT studio.
You have to follow good advice, and it turned out to be very good advice. I was “matched” to his son Gijs. What is very important to me that there is soft or rather no music. This was not an issue for Gijs. Customer is king! After doing exercises for a few weeks, I got so excited that I got my hubby too. (He has been struggling with his hip and leg for a long time). Now we have been together for quite some time in a pleasant and harsh manner (of course, results must be achieved) by Gijs.
We think he is a nice person and are making good progress with him. We are happy to continue for the time being.
Els and Jacob

Els and Jacob – Gijs van Brink

“Surprising benefits! Not a waste of time! A must have for anyone who wants to improve performance and yet feel relaxed! Why does the community not talk more about that discipline?” These would be the words that come to mind about flexibility and mobility sessions.

I have been practicing full distance triathlons for several years now, and I always dismissed mobility exercises, thinking it would be a waste of time… But I was so wrong… I started flexibility sessions with Gijs once a week a few months ago and I quickly saw surprising benefits.

On the bike: laying on the aero-bars is now very comfortable, with no more pain on the neck. I never thought I would enjoy the tri-bike that much. Hips are more free and relaxed, which allows to push harder while saving energy. On the run, the glutes don’t get stiff as the hips remain relaxed. In the swim, shoulders are more free, and breathing became easier. No more body builded feeling at the end of a distance.

Gijs has a sharp eye and quickly identifies what needs work. The sessions are adapted to the athlete, with combined exercises, and he pushes enough to be challenging, yet prevents from going too far. Position is important, and I feel confident, as he checks and corrects what needs to be.

All in all, I wonder why I did not start before. It is a must, and there are specific but easy exercises that make everything different! I am looking forward to the future races. Thank you so much for your help.

Frederic – Gijs van Brink

Frederic – Gijs van Brink

“My collaboration with Paul had one specific main goal: running the Chicago 2018 marathon under 4.5 hours. In addition, I wanted to improve my individual times in a quarter triathlon.

We discussed the possibilities in a pleasant and personal introduction meeting.

The focus was initially on a complete training schedule in running, swimming and cycling. The preparation for the marathon only started 16 weeks before the marathon.

Such a schedule is ideal for me. Every day I know where I stand and carry out every assignment, knowing that I did not, Paul wanted to have a reason. My stick behind the door. The fact that all training sessions were registered in TrainingPeak, that I could download them in Garmin and that Paul was watching worked perfectly for me.

The training sessions were sometimes tough but needed if I wanted to achieve the intended result. And it worked: the marathon ran in 4 hours 28 minutes in not too good weather conditions.

Paul is a super good trainer. I could always reach him for advice on Whatsapp and that was the most important thing to me and the safety I needed to perform better.

I enjoyed our collaboration and would like to come back as soon as my participation in the Boston Marathon is a fact.

Thank you very much for everything you have done for me. ”


Marie Louise – Paul van Brink

Paul helped me prepare for the Ironman 70.3 of 2019 in Luxembourg.
The year before I trained independently for 1/8 and 1/4 triathlons. My biggest problem is that I regularly went too far. I trained too much, too hard and also inefficiently (a waste of time). Paul helped me with a well-considered, smart and yet ambitious schedule (with regular tests to measure progress).

What else do I appreciate about Paul?

He is easily accessible for questions. He is flexible, adjusts the schedules when necessary (very important for me, with a busy and sometimes stressful job, business trips).

Paul gives support when you need it, for example if you just don’t feel like it anymore (that will certainly happen). In the end, he was even present at the race to help with the preparation and with support from the sidelines.

Paul also has a good network of people around him that you can use (for example for a bike fitting). And what is perhaps the best part – he coaches many athletes. You will get to know these other athletes gradually. You share your developments and race results with each other, sometimes you train together (especially swimming in open water) or you go to a race together. So you also learn from each other (and you can sometimes compare yourself to Paul, if he is strict).

The Ironman 70.3 went well – I felt strong, fresh and enjoyed it. Now working with him on preparing for new races (especially working on my weaknesses).

M. Hulst

M. Hulst – Paul van Brink

‘Gijs knows what he’s doing and also allows you to work out things for yourself. I’ve had a back problem for a number of years and although fit, my mobility was not very good. Gijs intuitively knew what exercises I needed to do. He also understands that there is not one single exercise but a combination that will sustain the necessary gains in flexibility. The results were almost immediate and I made significant progress that I was not able to achieve on my own. Gijs is a mobility professional!’


Harvey – Gijs van Brink