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Sport Fasting


Sports fasting is a great way to give yourself a new boost, to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. It is not a diet. It is a 10-day training method in which the muscles and liver are trained in the consumption of fat instead of sugar (metabolic switch).

To accomplish this switch, you need to exercise during the fasting process. This will burn more fat and reduce excess fat reserves, especially abdominal fat. Over the 10-day course, men lose an average of 4 to 6 kilograms, while women an average of 2-4. The desire for snacking and sweet treats is also reduced, as this is a body-health program, whereby weight loss is a by-product of the metabolic training.

What is sport fasting?

Sport fasting is a particularly good way to improve sporting performance. The muscles are transformed in a way which means they are able to derive far more energy from fat than before. As a result, sugar, which is kept in a far lower stock, is of less concern. Endurance athletes, such as long-distance runners and cyclists, develop a much greater ability to produce energy without draining the tank. High-intensity athletes, such as sprinters, can use it to increase overall conditioning. Recovery time after the injury has also been seen to decrease, caused by like increase of mitochondria in the muscles.

Sport fasting for you

During your 10-day programme, use the metabolic switch products to make the switch easier and more effective. Sport fasting, which is known as ‘the most powerful training method for the body to revitalise itself’ is not suitable for everyone. You will first need to develop a basic level of health, perhaps with a sports assistant coach. You cannot undertake sport fasting if you are ill, or using certain medications. You should also be prepared to continue to exercise after the course and to follow simple dietary guidelines.


Prices will be adjusted for inflation each year.

10 days€ 275,-3 tapering off days; 3 fasting days; 4 dieet building days. During the course you can do your cardio training daily in the studio. This is also allowed at home if cardio equipment is present. (including the Metabolic Switch sports fasting package and supplements)
13 Weeks post-trajectory€250,-1 day fasting course (1 x per week)> Skip lunch or dinner and work out intensively for 45min instead. The combination strength / cardio is perfect for this. This is also possible in the studio. (including 45 minutes of sports once a week with a schedule in the studio)
10 Days and 13 weeks post-trajectory€497,5010 days of sports fasting and 13 weeks of post-trajectory (1 x p / wk 1 day of fasting)