Mobility training - Tri-PT Studio

Mobility training - Tri-PT Studio

Mobility training

Mobility training is used to increase freedom of movement. You do this by developing flexibility, stability and strength in your joints and muscles.

Who benefits from mobility training

Everyone benefits from mobility training. Often specific goals are set that are achieved with the help of mobility training. Examples of this are:

  • Achieving a better stroke when swimming by improving mobility in the trunk and shoulder.
  • A runner that runs smoother by improving mobility in the ankles and hips.
  • In daily life it can help you to compensate for stiffness due to a sedentary job or help with heavy work. Think of being able to lift better from the legs by means of smoother hips and ankles.

Other specific objectives that people are achieving at Tri-PT studio include:

  • A handball goalkeeper looking for improvement in his mobility in order to improve his performance.
  • Practitioners of handstand and calisthenics training.
  • A mountain climber who has suffered from his achilles and after improvement of ankle and hip mobility was able to continue his hobby with pleasure.

In short, the possibilities for applying this are endless.

What does this training look like

You could see it as a combination of yoga and strength training. In all positions, an increase in the so-called range of motion, ROM for short, is sought. This means the movement result that a specific joint or muscle has. Next, strength and stability are trained in this ROM to become stronger and easier to move in positions specific to the objective.

Mobility training at Tri-PT Studio

Curious about the possibilities and benefits that mobility training entails? Then contact Tri-PT Studio directly for more information about mobility training at our studio in Voorschoten.