Tri-PT 70.3 Corona Edition - Tri-PT Studio

Tri-PT 70.3 Corona Edition - Tri-PT Studio

Tri-PT 70.3 Corona Edition

The Tri-PT 70.3 Corona edition started at the Vlietlanden on Sunday, September 6. For a while it seemed that we would start the day with rain and cumulus clouds, but just like with the previous Tri-PT Corona edition, the weather was beautiful upon arrival.

At 6.45 am we attended the briefing with 21 TRI-PT coached triathletes. After a brief explanation of the rules and the course, the first triathlete started the 1.9 km swim at 7.05. After this, a competitor left every thirty seconds to keep the distance due to the corona rules.

This provided spectacular images for the volunteers and the early supporters.

Arriving in a well-prepared transition zone, we took off the wetsuits and put on the bicycle helmets. The course was 7x a round of 13km around the Vlietland. Departing from the transition zone you came on a winding path that required technical skills from the participants when you were on a time trial handlebar. This was followed by a number of kilometers that became increasingly difficult as the day progressed due to the headwind. The way back got better and better, a higher dike brought you back towards the transition zone with a tailwind. Due to the early start, it was very quiet on the track, which ensured fast cycling times for all participants.

After 90 kilometers of cycling, the bike stayed behind in the transition zone and we could start the half marathon. The shell path where we had to turn around after 1.4 km was known to the participants of the previous edition. This also applies to the bridge, with a 10 percent climb rate, which had to be braved a total of 16 times. The best thing about the running route was that we passed the transition area eight times and were encouraged by the large numbers of supporters and volunteers.

After 4.31.05 the first finisher, Max Mahoney, came through the Tri-PT flags. Followed by Davide and Mark. Among the women it was Andrea who crossed the finish line first with Manouck in second place. Podium seats were not of the utmost importance. Most importantly, 8 (!) Participants had renounced their first half triathlon and all participants had finished!

Corona has prevented many races from taking place. Tri PT has offered a fantastic alternative for its members to still be able to race and to find even more fraternity in the fantastic sport triathlon.

On to the TRI-PT marathon on November 1!